Tick Control in Roanoke Rapids, NC

Your yard is a great place to rest and relax. Hiding amongst the branches and brush, however, are disease-carrying pests. Protect your family and pets with the help of Virginia/Carolina Pest Management. We deliver effective tick control in Roanoke Rapids, NC, as well as throughout the surrounding area. When your outdoor areas are free of ticks, you are able to spend your time outdoors without worry. Our technicians are available for tick removal, and we also facilitate deer tick control measures. We offer free estimates for tick management services.


Ticks are tiny arachnids which pose big problems for warm-blooded animals. They hide in trees, bushes, and other brush before latching onto an unsuspecting victim. Ticks burrow into the skin of humans and pets to engorge themselves with blood. This interaction opens up a vector for harmful diseases, most notably Lyme disease. As such, the presence of ticks should be dealt with in a decisive manner. That is where our tick removal technicians come in.

With more than 20 years of experience, our pest control company has built a reputation for delivering accurate solutions and effective results. Thanks to our personalized approach to customer service, you can feel at ease discussing your concerns. We devise appropriate tick control solutions so your property is free of ticks.


Have confidence working in your lawn again with our tick removal service. We begin with a thorough inspection of your premises to identify possible places for ticks to hide. After consulting with you, we get to work and apply powerful pesticides that are tough on ticks, yet gentle on your foliage. Then, we apply additional measures that deter the resurgence of a tick population, such as repellants.

Ticks are active all year-round, so it makes sense to adopt a proactive approach to managing their presence. Ask about our routine tick control services to ensure your lawn is free from this menace. We can set up quarterly spray procedures to keep ticks and other pests away from your property. Simply inquire about starting this service with us, and we will charge only $40.00 per quarter for your first year.


Heavily wooded areas are susceptible to hosting sizeable deer tick populations. This pest is most associated with the devastating Lyme disease, a serious condition which causes joint pain and flu-like symptoms. Protect your family from this cumbersome ailment with our deer tick control service. We treat your trees and yard carefully to minimize your exposure to this pest.