Ant Control in Roanoke Rapids, NC

Ants damage lawns, and certain species can turn a lazy afternoon into a painful ordeal. Don’t let these pests colonize your property. Fight back the invasion with Virginia/Carolina Pest Management. When it comes to ant control in Roanoke Rapids, NC, we take a thorough approach while placing an emphasis on personalized service. You invested a great deal in a verdant lawn–let our ant exterminator make it stay that way. Request an estimate today and stop ants in their tracks.

Your Experienced Ant Exterminator

It is credited that ants are amongst the hardest working insects. Unfortunately, they excel at yard and plant damage. Don’t give them the satisfaction of a hard day’s work. Our ant exterminator is here to downsize their talent. Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience, we have developed the skills necessary to eliminate pests and prevent their return. We employ reliable technicians and use dependable equipment to get the job done.

Take the Active Approach to Protecting Your Lawn

You work hard to attain a green and vigorous lawn. Ants, with their construction of unsightly mounds and beds, can ruin the scenery you put your heart into. Be on the lookout for common signs of an ant infestation. Mounds and beds are sure symptoms of a colony. Ants are also likely to settle under decaying logs. Brown patches of grass indicate areas that ants may have damaged. Count on us for ant control when you discover you have been overrun.

Harvester Ant Extermination at Your Service

Harvester ants, also known as “red ants,” make their nests near concrete, pathways, and open fields. Already a nuisance for your lawn, they are also aggressive. Harvester ants are known to have a painful bite that can cause rashes and swelling. Eliminate this threat to your lawn and family with the help of our harvester ant extermination services. We use powerful insecticides and potent baits to get rid of colonies at their source.

Careful Preventative Measures

Getting rid of ants is only one part of pest control. After getting rid of the colony, it is essential to remain vigilant against a possible resurgence of pests and insects. Fortunately, you have a reliable ally at your side. Our ant control services also include preventative measures that keep the insects at bay. Ask about our quarterly pest control spreads. Make sure to ask about our current specials.

Contact us today to request an estimate for ant control. We proudly serve property owners in Lake Gaston and Roanoke Rapids, NC, including Littleton, Gaston, and Henrico.