Rat Removal in Roanoke Rapids, NC

Rats are carriers of for pests and disease. Don’t let these warm-blooded nuisances take up residence in your home. When you see the signs of an infestation, Virginia/Carolina Pest Management is ready to help. We offer complete rat removal in Roanoke Rapids, NC, as well as throughout the surrounding community. Our exterminators take a thorough and adaptive approach to getting rid of rats. Request an inspection today and reclaim your property from a rodent infestation.


Rats are never a laughing matter. They pose a threat not only to your health, but also the value of your property. As a warm-blooded animal, rats play host to disease-carrying pests, including ticks and fleas. Rat feces also pose an immediate health threat around the house, including the food in your pantry. Sanitation becomes a serious issue as rats make your home their habitat. Count on our rat exterminator to identify the signs of a rat invasion.

Rats are sneaky creatures. They are able to chew holes through walls and unprotected wiring. As a consequence, rats pose an immediate threat to your surroundings. Property damage leads to a devalued home. Chewed, cut wiring also ruins your everyday comfort, as well as compromises the safety of your family. Don’t let these intruders make your home their playground. Our rat extermination services are thorough, decisive, and prevent the resurgence of an unwelcome population.


Rats are known to reproduce quickly, and they can grow to monstrous sizes if left alone. As such, it is important to consider a rat removal service once you discover the first signs of their presence. Be on the lookout for urine, scat, and chewed-through food boxes. It is almost certain that a rat nest is nearby. While store-bought traps and baits may capture one rodent, it is likely that many more are lurking within your walls. That is where we come in.

Choose rat removal services from our company and enjoy a pest-free household. Our team uses advanced extermination tactics to rid your home of rats and other rodents. We take a comprehensive approach to removal by using bait and traps, as well as additional techniques to take nuisances out. Dead, decaying rats also pose a health issue. We examine your home carefully to find hidden threats and neutralize them accordingly.


When it comes to exterminating rodents, you deserve to work with a rat exterminator you can trust. When you hire our pest removal company, you can have confidence knowing that your property is in good hands. We work with you to facilitate effective, lasting results that keep the rats at bay. In addition, we are committed to upholding a culture of courteousness and professionalism through every project we conduct. Request an inspection today and rid your home of an unseen menace.

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