Fungus and Moisture Control in Roanoke Rapids, NC

Moisture, and the fungal growth that accompanies it, create a lot of serious problems for homeowners. From structural issues to health problems for residents, the reasons for preventing moisture buildup and removing fungal growth are many. Fortunately, you can depend on our pest elimination company to provide comprehensive fungus and moisture control. For more than 20 years, our dedicated team of fungus removal experts has been helping to improve the health of the community. We eliminate the growth of fungus and provide the framework necessary to prevent it from returning.

With our help you can completely remove fungus from any space. Fungus is a multicellular organism that thrives in moist, dark environments. Similar to mildew, fungal growth occurs when proper moisture mitigation is not implemented in a home or office setting. The most common type of fungal growth in homes is mold, a highly invasive and potentially deadly pest that can go undetected for years. It grows in walls, under floorboards, and in rafters that are exposed to too much water damage or humidity. No one in the area is more dedicated to thorough fungus control for your home than our company, protecting entire households and workplaces from the negative health impacts.


When mold or other fungal growths appear in your home, it is of the utmost importance that you seek us out immediately. The dangers that mold presents to the health of you and your family are real, causing a variety of lung issues and, in cases of black mold, potentially leading to death. It starts with throat irritation, coughing, wheezing, and irritated eyes and skin. As time progresses, and proper moisture control is not practiced, the fungal growth gets worse and more serious upper-respiratory issues occur. If a member of your family happens to suffer from asthma or an allergy to mold, then the health implications become even worse.

Let our team of fully qualified professionals come to your house and assess the situation. It is especially important to call us if you have recently experience water damage or a period of high humidity without any sort of climate control. Fungal growths hide from plain sight, and without the right training, might go unnoticed until ill health begins to occur. Turn to the fungus experts to not only remove the dangerous mold from your home, but also to assess where and why moisture is causing problems. We’ll seal what needs to be sealed and dehumidify any space necessary until you are entirely safe from the threat of fungal growths such as mold.

Contact us if you have recently experience water damage in your home or if anyone is experiencing chronic respiratory issues for a thorough inspection of your home.