Flea Control in Roanoke Rapids, NC

Your dogs and cats are your furry friends, providing companionship for your entire family. Keeping your home clean is a good way to maintain the health and wellness of your pets. However, it is also important to address “unwelcome guests” that seek to do harm to your entire family. Guard your home from pests with the help of Virginia/Carolina Pest Management. Our company provides thorough flea control in Roanoke Rapids, NC. After hiring our flea exterminator, you are one step closer to upholding the comfort and well-being of your dogs and cats.


Fleas are insects that hop onto the skin of warm-blooded animals. After burrowing into the skin, they feast on the host’s blood. Many victims of flea bites exhibit excessive scratching, which can cause rashes and damaged skin. Worse, they are also carriers of disease. While a flea bath and treatment can rid your pets of their initial infestation, these pests already have a foothold in your home. Reclaim your space with our flea removal service.

Often, fleas are associated with pets. However, they can also bite humans and cause great discomfort and health concerns. For this reason, it is important to act quickly and decisively to remove fleas from your home. Our flea exterminator is available to conduct a thorough inspection and treatment of your premises. We proudly treat homes of virtually any size.


Fleas can infiltrate your home easily. Active pets can catch a few insects during a routine walk, where they gain unimpeded access upon their return. As such, it is important to check your dog or cat for pests regularly. If you discover fleas on your pet’s hide, let our flea exterminator examine your home. Carpeted areas, rugs, and confined spaces are all viable hiding spots for fleas to hide. We facilitate a thorough inspection before conducting any further action.

If we determine that your home has a flea infestation, we will then work with you to devise an effective strategy to eliminate their presence. Our flea exterminator is well-trained and experienced in the deployment of various extermination and removal techniques. The materials we use are tough on fleas and gentle on pets and humans. Then, we apply protective repellents that deter the resurgence of a flea population. We take pride in thoroughness, craftsmanship, and our adaptive approach to pest control services.